College Anthem

When mornings break, 

We sail through the mighty waters

The roaring waves straggle us, 

Choking, and losing hope , 

We wish for a light. 


When we lose our hope and 

Leave us for fate, 

Far away our eyes spot 

a glimmer, 

Hugged by the palm trees, 

There, we see a beacon of hope. 


A lighthouse, oh lighthouse

Immersed in the glory of a


You reach out to lost souls like us. 

Vulnerable and desperate, 

Our boats kiss your feet. 


Oh lighthouse, Oh lighthouse

Take us in, show us how impeccable you're. 

Here we are, Georgians, 

Open your chamber of knowledge, 

To ignite the fire in our minds and

Instill the courage to slay dragons. 


Oh lighthouse , Oh lighthouse

Here we are, Georgians. 

We hold onto you, 

Show us a love like yours, 

Shower us your wisdom

to offer our service, 

For the castaways. 


Oh lighthouse, Oh lighthouse

Georgian hearts dance with joy, 

To aid you in saving lost souls,

To be your warriors, 

To be another lighthouse.