St. George's College, Aruvithura was established in 1965. The Library was upgraded as first-grade library and the post of a first-grade Librarian and a IV-grade librarian were sanctioned in 1978. 32330 books, 58 periodicals, 250 cds, and 8 newspapers are available in the college library. 400 books are allotted for Walk with Scholar Programme and Scholar Support Programme. 

Library advisory committee

Chairman - Dr Siby Joseph (Principal)

Members -   Smt. Bitty Joseph ,  Mr. Joby Joseph( convener), Smt. Thejimol George  and Mr.. Josiah John

Library Staffs

Justin Joseph (Librarian )

Jomy John

Jolly Joseph

Online public access catalog (OPAC)  at the library holds details of materials held by SGC Library. It can be accessed at