“Pioneer” - SGC Innovation Challenge

“Pioneer” - SGC Innovation Challenge

  • 29-Mar-21

  • By Admin

The first edition of the SGC “Pioneer” Innovation Challenge is taking place on March 2021.

The innovation may deal with interdisciplinary issues or problems which require multi-faceted approach to find implementable solution. The innovation may also include solutions that address socially relevant issues which may require interventions in the form of a social enterprise or impact solution.

Individual or group participation is permitted in this challenge based on the uniqueness of the problem and novelty of the solution attempted.

Pitch your ideas to solve complex issues based on multi-disciplinary approach.

The winners of this program will be selected through a rigorous Screening process. 

The screening and selection process is designed with enough rigor to look at the quality and merit of ideas submitted by the applicants. The programme shall be built to check for inquisitiveness, spirit of enquiry, grit and passion which are important pre-requisites for the applicant’s success in the program.

After the submission of their idea’s applicants will be individually and collectively contacted, and even observed closely during interactions, to understand the rationale for their choice of the problem, their rough approach for solving the problem and their passion for the cause.

The winner is awarded with 10000/-

Important Dates

Last date for the submission of the proposal: 29/03/2021

Final Round: 09/04/2021


This challenge has two Rounds

The Idea - Round One

Individuals or teams will complete the online application and a three-page description of their creative idea or opportunity. The pdf file should be labeled as Your Name (or Team Name) - Division - Round 1.pdf and attached in the application form.

General Guidelines of Round One

  • Entry proposals must be an original work and must provide clear rationales for why a new strategy designed, a valid Entry must comply with the following criteria:
  •  All entries must be an original work.
  • All entries must not be less than 500 words and must also include a visual representation of the model.
  • All entries must be the original idea of the Participant (or the Participants’ who make up the Team).
  • All entries must not have been previously published or won any award.
  •  Entries cannot contain inappropriate material, lewdness, obscenity, or the like
  • Team consists of maximum 5 members, Individual persons can only be on one (1) Team.

The Presentation - Round Two

During the main event finalists in the three divisions will make a two-minute presentation to a panel of judges. This will be followed by a three-minute question and answer period. The presentation should be a synopsis of the enterprise with the goal to persuade the panel to invest time, energy, or resources toward the contestant’s idea. In other words, the presentation should clearly demonstrate why your idea provides value to its potential customers and/or society, could become a viable business and should be the winner of the division.