Department of Botany and Zoology

The department of Botany was started as 'department of biology' in 1965, when the College was established. Initially, there were only two staff members, Prof. Joseph Thomas in Botany and Prof. Sebastian Thomas in Zoology. Later, Prof. V. S. Joseph joined as a member of the department. In 1980, Department of Biology was divided in to Botany and Zoology.

Then the Department started function with two staff members and Prof. Joseph Thomas was appointed as the Head of the Department. Dr. Anniamma Thomas joined in this department in 1981. Smt. Susamma Joseph and Smt. A. V. Annamma joined in 1982. Smt. Jessy Mathew was appointed in 1984. Prof. V. S. Joseph took charge as the Head of the Department, when Prof. Joseph Thomas expired in 1990. In 2002, Dr. Anniamma Thomas appointed as the Head of department after the retirement of Prof. V. S. Joseph. Mr. Joby Joseph who is also an alumnus of the department joined as an assistant professor in in 2013. Ms. Reedhuraj joined the department in 2015 and she left in 2018 to join Govt. service.Currently the department has one permanent faculty -Joby Joseph (HOD), and two guest faculties- Dr. Jyothi Abraham and Dr. Abin Sebastian.

The department had well maintained labs right from the first days with regular staff who actively supported the regular functioning and Maintanance. Sri. A. M. Joseph was appointed as the Herbarium keeper and Sri K. M. Joseph as the Lab Assistant. At present Mr. Noble Mathew is the lab attender. 

The department currently offers BSc course in Botany. The department provides ample  facilities for each student for successful completion of BSc in Botany with quality training in lab protocols and high quality project works.

Programs Offered


BSc. Botany

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Open course

Horticulture and Nursery Management

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ECO Tourism

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Certificate Course

Mushroom Cultivation

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